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Community Safety Act

We’re giving neighbours of nuisance properties, like drug labs and those commonly linked to gun and gang activity, a safe and timely solution that holds owners accountable when dangerous and threatening activities regularly occur on their properties. The CSA will allow anyone to submit a confidential complaint about a nuisance property to a provincial government unit, and, as appropriate, this unit will investigate and collaborate with property owners and take escalating steps—up to ending tenancy agreements or closing a property for up to 90 days—enhancing public safety by forcing landlords to deal with chronic, illegal and dangerous behaviour on their properties. Specified nuisance or criminal activities include drug production and trafficking, possession of illegal firearms or explosives, after-hours sales of liquor, providing liquor or drugs to minors. People living near crack shacks and other dangerous nuisance properties have been waiting more than half a decade for this law to help them and the modernized CSA will address the current realities of organized crime in B.C., while ensuring fairness and efficiency.

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