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Two amendments introduced under the Passenger Transportation Act will make permanent the supports government introduced for gig-economy workers, maintain passenger safety for British Columbians, and align our province’s record check process with the BC Human Rights Code.

The Passenger Transportation Act applies to drivers of commercial vehicles that carry passengers, such as taxis, limos and ride-hail vehicles. The amendments to the Passenger Transportation Act would: make permanent the record-check review process through which people can appeal decisions that deemed them ineligible to drive a passenger-directed vehicle; and make permanent the requirement that passenger-directed vehicle drivers operating under a temporary operating permit meet record-check requirements.

The existing legislation requires that every individual undergo a criminal record check and a driving record check to work as a passenger-directed vehicle driver.

The amendment making permanent the requirement for drivers working under a temporary operating permit to meet record-check requirements supports public safety and holds all drivers of passenger-directed vehicles to the same standard, regardless of whether they operate under a licence or a temporary operating permit.

The amendment making the record-check review process permanent prevents anyone from being deemed ineligible due to matters on their driving or criminal record unrelated to their work as a passenger-directed vehicle driver.

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