Legislation > Box 78 – Row 1 > New child care legislation to make life better for B.C. families

The approval of early learning and child care legislation will help the Province deliver on its Childcare BC commitment to build the affordable, quality and inclusive early learning and child care system families need.

These two Acts are an important step to streamline early learning and child care legislation to meet the diverse needs of B.C. families and child care providers. The Early Learning and Child Care Act will make child care more affordable by providing the minister responsible with the authority to set limits on fees. The Early Childhood Educators Act will improve oversight of early childhood educators (ECEs) and programs with a public registry, and it will help the Province recruit and retain ECEs, by giving the Registrar authority to temporarily register internationally trained ECEs. These Acts are part of the foundation for an inclusive, universal child care system in B.C. and will be adapted based on consultation and input from the child care sector, including advocates, families, First Nations leaders and Indigenous partners as we build B.C.’s early learning and child care system.

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