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Message from Finance Minister Carole James

British Columbia is thriving. Our economy is strong and we’ve seen record-level employment growth. But strong economic indicators don’t tell the whole story. Not everyone in B.C. is getting ahead, and it’s time that changed.

Budget 2018 is a budget that works for you. It makes your life more affordable and delivers the services that people count on. It starts with moving forward on a made-in-B.C. child care plan that will make child care more affordable and available for tens of thousands of families. It takes bold steps to tackle housing affordability with a new tax on foreign and domestic housing speculators, an historic investment in housing supply and plans to shut down tax loopholes and money laundering in our housing market.

Budgets are about choices and Budget 2018 puts people first.

It is about investing in education and training so people have the skills they need to get good paying jobs. It is about building critical infrastructure that leads to sustainable economic growth, with the highest level of capital investment in B.C.’s history.

An economy that works for everyone starts with a budget that works for everyone.

Budget 2018 helps people get ahead because we believe all British Columbians should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.