Public Health Care

Making it work better for you

British Columbians rely on quality public services, none more so than health care. We’re reinvesting in and improving the services British Columbians expect. And this year, in addition to our record investments in child care and housing, we are making significant investments to deliver health care that’s more available, affordable and targeted to your needs.

A young woman embraces an elderly family member.

Providing Seniors With Care They Deserve

For too long, seniors in B.C. have not been getting the care they deserve, with the vast majority of seniors' care centres not meeting the minimum standard for daily hours of care. And with new investments beginning this year, we will bring levels of care back in line with these standards, making sure seniors get the care they need.

A surgeon performing a medical procedure.

Health Care Where And When You Need It

People care about staying healthy and getting better after injury or illness. When it comes to surgery, you rightly expect the supports to be in place that will help you get back on your feet quickly. Better use of surgical resources can mean faster recovery, less stress and better overall health for people waiting for necessary surgeries and the families supporting them.

A doctor filling out a prescription.

Making Health Care More Affordable

The costs of health care should never be a barrier to getting the care you need. That's why the B.C. government is moving to make health care more affordable for all British Columbians, but particularly those with the lowest incomes. This includes eliminating MSP premiums and making prescription drugs more affordable.