A couple painting a wall in their home.

Improving security for renters

A plan for affordability

Too many British Columbians are worried about how they will afford housing in the future and even whether they can stay in the housing they already have. We are taking action to give renters increased peace of mind by strengthening our rental laws, and taking action to support vulnerable renters like seniors and low-income families.

Strengthening rental laws

People who pay their rent and abide by their tenancy agreement should be able to count on their housing. That’s why we closed the fixed term lease loophole, eliminated geographic rent increases, and will be taking action on renovictions and demovictions.

Improving and protecting existing affordable homes

We are making the largest investment in retrofits and renovations of social housing in B.C. in more than two decades. These investments will include critically important seismic and fire safety upgrades, and energy efficiency improvements.

Helping seniors keep their homes

The Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) program helps low-income seniors who rent in the private market keep their homes. We are helping seniors in need by increasing SAFER rates and expanding eligibility for this important support.

Improving the Rental Assistance Program

The Rental Assistance Program (RAP) helps working families who rent in the private market keep their homes. We are investing an additional $116 million into the RAP and SAFER programs over the next three years to increase rates and expand eligibility for these programs.