Legislation > Box 60 – Row 1 > Increasing housing, services near transit hubs

Amendments to the Transportation Act will enable the Province to acquire land to build housing and community amenities near transit stations or exchanges.

These changes will support the creation of mixed-use developments in close proximity to new transit stations, with commercial services, employment space, child-care and health-care centres, educational facilities, public spaces and recreation opportunities.
This promotes the development of liveable, compact communities makes it convenient for pedestrians, cyclists or people who use mobility aids to access the nearest transit hub.

The Province, through the BC Transportation Financing Authority, will deliver these projects by working with local governments and a broad range of partners to achieve livable, transit supportive communities.

These legislative changes help address key government priorities such as new housing, job creation, livable communities, affordability for families and our CleanBC climate change targets.

Under the new amendments:

• The BC Transportation Financing Authority will be able to purchase land for the specific purpose of delivering housing and other community amenities in close proximity to transit stations and bus exchanges.

• The authority will be able to enter into partner agreements where land may be provided at below-market rent in order to encourage the construction of housing and other amenities.

• The term “transit station” and “transit-oriented development” are redefined in order to clarify where transit-oriented development can occur and the type of developments that are intended to support public transit use.

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