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Amendments to the Mental Health Act will help people experiencing a mental health crisis better understand their rights and the supports that are available to them.

British Columbia’s Mental Health Act allows for people with a severe mental health disorder to be admitted and treated at designated mental health facilities to prevent the person’s substantial mental or physical deterioration or for the person’s own protection or the protection of others. Under the Act, involuntary patients must be informed of their rights when they are involuntarily admitted, transferred to another designated facility, or when their involuntary status is renewed. As part of this process, involuntary patients will now have the option to meet with a rights advisor. The service, which is expected to be available in 2023, will be primarily virtual, using videoconferencing and phone. Some in-person services will also be available in certain circumstances. Services will be delivered by a team of independent rights advisors that will provide information and answer questions about rights and options under the Mental Health Act.

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