Legislation > Box 60 – Row 1 > Supporting the critical work of skilled tradespeople

The Skilled Trades BC Act lays the foundation to address labour shortages and modernize the Crown agency responsible for trades training.

The legislation will replace the Industry Training Authority Act and transform the Industry Training Authority into SkilledTradesBC, the modernized Crown agency responsible for skilled trades training in British Columbia. The renewed focus of SkilledTradesBC reflects the expanded responsibilities associated with skilled trades certification, and a new focus on promoting and supporting apprentices and trainees throughout their training journey. Skilled trades certification will require people to register as an apprentice or be a certified journeyperson to work in one of the 10 initial mechanical, electrical and automotive trades. It will increase prestige in the trades by recognizing trades workers’ in-demand skills and experience, pave the way for greater steady employment opportunities and higher wages, and attract more people to the trades.

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