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The Province is introducing amendments to the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act (EBCA) to provide the upcoming Electoral Boundaries Commission with more independence and flexibility as they work to recommend an electoral map for the next two general elections.

The Province is introducing amendments to the EBCA to better support the Electoral Boundaries Commission in their work to recommend electoral districts for the next two general elections.

This includes improving the Commission’s independence by removing the amendments made to EBCA in 2014, which established three regions that were collectively restricted to a minimum of 17 seats, regardless of their population or the preferred recommendations of the Commission.

In addition, the proposed amendments will give the Commission the option to recommend adding up to as many as six new districts, enhancing their Commission’s ability to respond to B.C.’s significant population growth. The amendments will also specify that the commission may take into account special considerations respecting demographic and geographic factors, including keeping a manageable geographic size for electoral districts, in order to ensure effective representation.

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