Legislation > Box 78 – Row 1 > Amendments to provincial statutes

The Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act will make changes to the COVID-19 Related Measures Act, the Family Law Act, and the Clean Energy Act.

The COVID-19 Related Measures Act will be extended to Dec. 31. This will support government’s goal of enabling a smooth transition at the eventual end of the state of emergency declared under the Emergency Program Act. Amendments to the Family Law Act will clarify that when determining whether behaviour constitutes family violence, it is irrelevant whether the person responsible for the behaviour intended to harm the family member. An amendment to the Clean Energy Act will remove the decommissioned Burrard Thermal Generating Station in Port Moody from the list of BC Hydro heritage assets. This allows BC Hydro to consider third-party use of the site, which could generate new revenues for BC Hydro, benefiting ratepayers and supporting B.C.’s post COVID-19 recovery by creating jobs and contributing to the growth of the clean economy.

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