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The Clean Energy Amendments Act will help make life more affordable for people while leveraging B.C.’s clean electricity advantage to advance low-carbon electrification across the economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The three main amendments in the Bill support government’s CleanBC plan and Phase 2 of the BC Hydro Review, and will enable BC Hydro to consider a variety of energy supply and asset options to meet the needs of its customers over the long-term. The first will establish a framework for the development of a new 100% clean electricity standard that will mandate that 100% of the electricity BC Hydro delivers to its grid-connected customers comes from clean sources over a given period of time. The second will eliminate the existing self-sufficiency requirement in the Clean Energy Act to give BC Hydro more flexibility to source clean electricity at the most affordable prices from within and outside B.C. The third amendment will allow BC Hydro to pursue opportunities for alternative uses and new revenues for underutilized areas of the de-commissioned Burrard Thermal site in Port Moody.

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