Legislation > Box 72 – Row 1 > Enabling long-term revenue sharing

Gaming Control Amendment Act

The Amendment Act creates an entitlement for First Nations to 7% of net provincial gaming revenues generated by the BC Lottery Corporation that will facilitate the Province’s ability to share those revenues with First Nations in B.C. until 2045; committing approximately $100 million per year – roughly $3 billion over the term of the agreement.

First Nations can use the new revenue to plan for, and invest in priorities they decide their communities need to thrive and prosper. For example, funding can be used to enhance social services and health services, fund education, language and culture training, build new housing, develop economic or businesses opportunities or increase self-government capacity. These priorities for useage of the funding were co-developed by the Province and First Nation representatives.

Every First Nation community in B.C. is eligible for a share of the money by becoming a member of the BC First Nations Gaming Revenue Sharing Limited Partnership – an organization set up at the direction of the BC Assembly of First Nations, First Nations Summit and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs.

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