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Environmental Assessment Act

British Columbians can have renewed confidence in a revitalized environmental assessment (EA) process for major projects proposed in B.C. The new Act enhances public engagement including additional comment periods and earlier collaboration between the Environmental Assessment Office and local communities, coupled with funding to support public participation. The Act will result in an EA process that delivers timely, evidence-based decisions and reflects government’s commitment to reconciliation and implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous participation in the assessment has been greatly enhanced with consensus-seeking throughout the process that increases the certainty and efficiency of the process for all EA participants, including proponents of major projects. The potential positive and adverse environmental, economic, social, cultural and health effects will be more fully assessed, including greenhouse gas emissions and the consideration of vulnerable populations, and require their consideration in decisions made by Ministers. Compliance and enforcement for approved projects will also be strengthened, along with audits, to make sure conditions included in EA certificates are mitigating identified adverse effects as intended. For detailed information on environmental assessment revitalization, see the Environmental Assessment Office’s website: www.gov.bc.ca/eao/revitalization
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