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Bill 12 – Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act

For owners of manufactured homes, the Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act increases the minimum compensation to $20,000 for those forced to leave a manufactured home park that is closing, and allows for tenants to receive compensation for the full cost of their homes if they cannot be moved. It also removes the burden of disposal costs from manufactured home owners for homes that cannot be moved, and increases compensation for tenants who are asked to move in bad faith.

For renters, the Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act increases the minimum notice for eviction due to renovations and demolitions from 2 to 4 months, doubles the amount of time tenants have to dispute a notice to 30 days, and increases penalties to 12 months of rent for landlords who evict in bad faith. It also gives tenants the right to return to their unit at market rental rates in new and renovated homes in multi-unit buildings.

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