2021 Spring sitting of the Legislature

Making British Columbia more accessible and inclusive for everyone

The Accessible B.C. Act will support the development of new accessibility standards – in areas like employment, the built environment, and customer service – by identifying, removing and preventing barriers.

$500-million InBC Investment fund builds a StrongerBC

InBC is a new $500-million strategic investment fund. Investments will target small and medium sized businesses with the growth potential and the ability to anchor talent, jobs, intellectual property and innovation in B.C.

Paid leave for workers to get COVID-19 vaccine

Proposed amendments to the Employment Standards Act to provide paid leave to get a COVID-19 vaccine, ensuring no one has to choose between losing pay or their health. This leave helps make it as easy as possible to get someone’s doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Amendments provide more clarity for whistle-blowers

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) is being amended to provide greater clarity for government employees who report serious wrongdoings under the act, and support the expansion of PIDA to the broader public sector.

2020 Spring sitting of the Legislature

Court of Appeal Act amendments improve access to justice

The B.C. Government has introduced amendments to the Court of Appeal Act that, if passed, will make the process of filing an appeal easier to understand and more efficient for lawyers and people who are self-represented.

Fairness officer to build trust in ICBC processes

Government is taking steps to create a new fairness officer focused on ensuring ICBC͛s decisions, actions and practices are transparent and fair, as the corporation transitions to Enhanced Care coverage on May 1, 2021.

A bridge for government supports and programs now until Budget 2021

The Interim Supply Bill allows government to continue to fund important programs ahead of tabling Budget 2021.

Protecting communities from gun violence

The Firearm Violence Prevention Act will address public safety concerns of the growing inventory of illegal guns and gang members buying, transporting and possessing real and imitation firearms.

Strengthening Local Election Campaign Financing rules

Amendments to the Local Government Campaign Financing Act will strengthen local elections campaign financing rules, and increase accountability and transparency in local elections to ensure people – and not big money – are at the centre of community politics throughout British Columbia.

Moving real estate oversight to BC Financial Services Authority

Proposed amendments to the Real Estate Services Act and financial institutions legislation will transfer responsibility for the regulation of the real estate market to the BC Financial Services Authority and help create a single modern and efficient regulator of the financial services sector, including real estate, in B.C.

Quicker service with homeowner grant going fully online

The centralization of the Home Owner Grant program will give B.C. homeowners full online and phone application access, and quicker application processing, and will also ensure that those who are eligible for the home owner grant receive it.

Extending the rent freeze to December 2021

Proposed legislative changes will strengthen tenancy laws in B.C., helping to make life more affordable for renters.

Worker with helmet, safety vest, safety glasses and ear protection uses chop saw to cut wood

Workers’ compensation changes to better support workers

Changes to the Workers Compensation Act will provide better support to injured workers and their families and enhance WorkSafeBC’s ability to investigate workplace incidents, while keeping premiums low.

Canadian $100, $50, $20, $10, $5 bills fanned out of a wallet on a wood table

Updated framework better protects people’s finances

Updates to the Financial Institutions Act and Credit Union Incorporation Act will modernize British Columbia’s regulatory framework and align it with international best practices.

ambulance parked at hospital emergency department

Improving the care and safety of youth in crisis

Proposed changes to the Mental Health Act will improve the care and safety of youth under the age of 19 who are experiencing severe problematic substance use by providing short-term voluntary emergency stabilization care following and overdose.

trees in foreground with snow-covered Highland Valley Copper Mine in background

Updates to improve permitting and health and safety in B.C.

Proposed changes to the Mines Act in B.C. will support an improved permitting process and strengthen government’s ability to hold mines accountable.

Multiple-story building

Confirming COVID-19 supports

New legislation helps confirm supports for people and businesses and responds to the fiscal impacts of COVID-19 by allowing government to run deficit budgets.

Power lines surrounded by yellow-leaved trees

Leading in the delivery of clean, affordable electricity

The Clean Energy Amendments Act will help make life more affordable for people while leveraging B.C.’s clean electricity advantage to advance low-carbon electrification across the economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

woman passes a plate of food to a child at a family dinner

Formalizing and unwinding emergency orders

The COVID-19 Related Measures Act will extend certain ministerial orders made under the Emergency Program Act (EPA), create regulations that provide protection from civil liability, and introduce two permanent, targeted amendments to the EPA.

close up of a BC licence plate on a silver car

Amendments give flexibility around licence plate decals

Government is proposing amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act (No.2) to offer policy flexibility around the use of decals on licence plates.

woman uses a stylus to write on tablet

Modernizing how wills are signed and witnessed

Changes to the Wills, Estates and Succession Act will make it easier for British Columbians to make a will, especially during the pandemic.

high rise building with blue sky and wispy clouds above it

Addressing rising strata insurance costs

The amendments to the Strata Property Act and Financial Institutions Act will help stratas better mitigate the rising costs of insurance by bringing more transparency to the strata insurance industry and give strata owners and corporations the tools they need to do their part.

Lower auto-insurance rates and increased benefits for accident victims

Changes to the Vehicle Insurance Act will introduce a new insurance model, Enhanced Care coverage, that will save drivers an average of 20% or $400 starting in spring 2021.

Supports for people facing violence

Changes to the Employment Standards Act will provide five days of paid job leave for workers or their children facing domestic or sexual violence.

Improving how child care and education are delivered and funded

This legislation puts into the School Act – for the first time – recognition that school boards can provide before and after school care directly.

Two people walking in front of businesses

Tax relief for small businesses and more

The Interim Business Property Tax Relief program gives a tool to local governments to help commercial tenants, particularly small businesses, non-profits and arts and culture organizations starting with the current 2020 tax year.

A woman holds a pen while two men shake hands over tabletop that has papers and a laptop on it

Improved access to justice with modernized arbitration rules

A new Arbitration Act will modernize B.C.’s domestic arbitration system and improve how British Columbians can resolve their disputes outside court.

white sheriff vehicle

Amendments clarify and update the Motor Vehicle Act

This Bill proposes amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act to support road safety and better trained drivers and also includes minor housekeeping amendments to update authorities and clarify rules.

2019 Fall sitting of the Legislature

Aerial shot of homes at Takla Lake First Nation

Gaming Control Act changes benefit First Nations in B.C.

The Gaming Control Amendment Act provides an entitlement to gaming revenues for Indigenous communities that will enable long term revenue-sharing between the Province and First Nations that will support self-government and self-determination, strong, healthy communities and services that make life better for families.

Man in t-shirt and jeans pumps gas into his black car

Bringing transparency to B.C. gas prices

The Fuel Price Transparency Act is designed to lift the shroud of secrecy around the way gasoline prices are established in B.C. by requiring oil and gas companies to publicly share information that goes into setting prices.

hand drops ballot into voter box

Making voting faster and easier

Changes to the Election Act will pave the way for modern technology to reduce lineups at polling places, make vote counting faster and more consistent, and give voters more flexibility in where they can cast their ballot in provincial elections.

Sun setting over Summerland, BC with Okanagan Lake in the background and orchards in the foreground

Setting the stage for permanent daylight saving time.

The Interpretation Amendment Act will enable British Columbia to observe year-round Daylight Saving Time in the future and allow for the re-naming of B.C.'s time zone as "Pacific Time."

woman loads bicycle onto a bus bike rack

Keeping accountable for climate change commitments

Better accountability, transparency, and more detailed targets for climate action will be mandated under a strengthened Climate Change Accountability Act.

Smiling Indigenous girl surrounded by forest

Recognizing and protecting Indigenous peoples’ human rights

New legislation will put BC laws in line with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This is a historic moment for everyone in BC.

woman using ATM bank machine

Better protecting people's finances

Updates to the Financial Institutions Act and Credit Union Incorporation Act will modernize British Columbia’s regulatory framework and bring it in-line with international best practices.

laptop with stock charts, man pointing to tablet, stock on computer monitor in background

Cracking down on White Collar Crime

Major amendments to the Securities Act improve the BC Securities Commissions fine collection abilities, establish clear regulations for derivatives, and modernize the regulations to better protect people.

Man holding woman's hands

Better access to social supports

Amendments to employment and assistance legislation will create better access to social supports for people experiencing or at risk of poverty and homelessness.

Mother and son stand on a path in a field full of solar powers

Encouraging more clean, renewable energy

Amendments to the Assessment Act will encourage the future development of solar power plants, helping B.C. reach its CleanBC goals of using more clean and renewable energy.

woman riding electric scooter in bike lane

Supporting emerging transportation technology

People who choose new types of transport, like e-scooters, electric unicycles or Segways, to get around will benefit from proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act. If passed, the amendments will enable the establishment of a regulatory framework to allow the use of increasingly diverse modes of personal transportation.

2019 Spring sitting of the Legislature

Restoring fairness and stability to B.C.’s worksites

Greater protections for workers labour rights and stability for employers are the focus of amendments to the Labour Relations Code.

Better protections and supports for workers

Changes to the Employment Standards Act will better support a wide-range of industries and workers, including young people, servers, caregivers, and those vulnerable to unfair treatment.

All British Columbians to benefit from forest industry

Amendments to the Forest Act will enhance public trust and ensure public forests are managed in the best interests of British Columbians.

Supporting the physical and mental health of firefighters

B.C. will support wildfire fighters, fire investigators and firefighters working for First Nations and other indigenous organizations suffering from work-related heart diseases, cancers and mental health disorders.

Zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) are more available/affordable

New legislation will help reduce climate pollution by phasing out gas-powered light- duty vehicles by 2040 and make ZEVs more available and affordable for British Columbians.

Making ticket buying fairer

By eliminating ticket bots and mass-buying software, new ticket buying laws will provide more consumer protections and fairer processes for people for when they buy tickets for events, online or at the ticket booth.

New Financial Services Crown Agency

New legislation establishing the BC Financial Services Authority will more effectively protect people when they use financial services and boost oversight of the sector to support a strong, sustainable economy and make life better for people.

Targeting problem properties to help gang-proof streets

B.C. will empower people to feel safer reporting drug labs and other nuisance properties linked to gun and gang violence and is giving authorities more powers to shut down those sites with the Community Safety Act (CSA).

Improving ferry services for coastal communities

Amendments to the Coastal Ferry Act are intended to re-frame the model to better reflect the public interest and the view that ferry services are an integral part of the transportation network.

Improving transparency of private companies

The amendments to the Business Corporations Act improve transparency by requiring private companies to hold accurate and up-to-date information about the true owners of their shares.

Ending hidden ownership

The Land Owner Transparency Act establishes a publicly accessible registry of beneficial ownership of real estate in B.C. – the first of its kind in the world.

Improving transparency and accountability

Information Management Act amendments further promote a culture of openness in the public service by making government’s requirement to record key decisions law.

Keeping electricity rates affordable

To make sure BC Hydro is working for people, a package of legislative amendments will implement recommendations from the first phase of government’s comprehensive BC Hydro review, including enhancing oversight of BC Hydro by the province’s independent energy regulator, the B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC).

Improving forest management practices

Amendments will restore public trust in how our forests and range lands are managed.

Holding a seniors hand

Eliminating MSP premiums

The Medicare Protection Amendment Act, 2019 sets the stage for the elimination of MSP premiums on Jan. 1, 2020.

More land protected in B.C.

Amendments to the Protected Areas of British Columbia Act will add approximately 107 hectares to the parks and protected area system, including six Class A parks.

Investing in jobs and benefits for British Columbians

The LNG Investment Fiscal Framework works to build a competitive LNG industry in B.C. that will generate thousands of new jobs for people, support local communities and meet our CleanBC climate action goals.

old handtool

Protecting archeological sites and objects

Amendments to the Heritage Conservation Act strengthen protection for archeological sites and acts on government’s commitment to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Family with small child looking over documents with another woman

New court and legal processes help families

The Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 2019 will make improvements to the Family Law Act and the Wills, Estates and Succession Act.

Helping People out of Debt Cycles

The Consumer Financial Protection Action Plan will strengthen consumer protections for the provinces’ most vulnerable people and those who use high-cost credit products and services.

Taking down gangs with stronger witness security

British Columbia’s proposed Witness Security Act will encourage more people with knowledge of murders, drug trafficking and other gang-led crimes to share details with police—helping to de-stabilize gangs and support prosecutions.

2018 Fall sitting of the Legislature

Supporting an independent gambling regulator

Amendments to the Gaming Control Act will help create a stronger, more independent gambling regulator to better protect against organized crime using B.C. casinos to launder money.

Passenger Transportation Amendment Act

The Passenger Transportation Amendment Act will allow ride-hailing companies to enter the B.C. market next year, while putting priority on safety for passengers.

Seniors and patients to benefit from fair workplace

The proposed Health Sector Statues Repeal Act will strengthen employer protections to health-sector workers and remove the major financial incentive of contract flipping for companies to reduce or avoid unionized labour costs.

Putting public interest first in resource development

The new Environmental Assessment Act will provide a clear and timely path for the approval of responsible resource projects, pursue reconciliation with B.C.’s Indigenous peoples, increase public engagement and transparency and deliver stronger environmental protections.

Protecting farmland for farming

The Agricultural Land Commission Act will revitalize the ALC and the Agricultural Land Reserve, to ensure the Commission can easily and effectively fulfil their mandate, and to support farming and ranching throughout British Columbia.

Standing up for human rights

The Human Rights Code Amendment Act will re-establish a human rights commission for B.C. to promote and protect human rights for all British Columbians. The Act will allow the creation of an independent human rights commissioner that reports to the Legislative Assembly.

Banning big money from recall campaigns

The Recall and Initiative Amendment Act 2018 will make campaigns to recall members of the legislative assembly more fair by banning corporate and union donations, as well as creating new rules for recall advertising sponsors.

Strengthening confidence in public decision-making

The Lobbyist Registration Amendment Act will increase lobbying transparency and accountability in British Columbia. The proposed changes build on government’s continuing work to strengthen democracy for all British Columbians by increasing the public’s access to information on lobbying activity.

Protecting B.C.’s vulnerable temporary foreign workers

The Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act will enforce worker rights and better protect people coming to work in B.C. under the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Keeping people and goods moving in Metro Vancouver

The amendment to the Parking Rights Tax will enable the region to continue investing in important transit and transportation improvements identified in the Mayors’ Council 10-year Vision for Metro Vancouver.

Trusting in natural resource decision making

The Professional Governance Act and the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance will provide strengthened science-based public oversight of how B.C.’s natural resources are managed and make sure consistency and best practices are applied in the Professional Reliance model.

Unfinished condo apartments with a fence banner saying 95% sold

Tackling speculation in the housing market

The Speculation and Vacancy Tax Act aims to ensure those who use local services, without paying B.C. income taxes, contribute their fair share.

Female doctor smiles at small child touching his teeth

Eliminating unfair MSP premiums

The Employer Health Tax (EHT) will replace regressive Medical Service Plan (MSP) premiums.

Man working in a lumber mill

Protecting jobs and supporting local economies

The Assessment Amendment Act, 2018 ensures major industrial operations aren’t affected by unintended tax increases following changes in an official community plan, sustaining their operations and the jobs they create.

Breaking the cycle of poverty

The Poverty Reduction Strategy Act sets targets and timelines for lifting thousands of people in B.C. out of poverty, and defines the scope of B.C.’s first Poverty Reduction Strategy, to be released in early 2019.

Giving people the final say on B.C.’s voting system

The Electoral Reform Referendum 2018 Amendment Act will ensure British Columbians have the opportunity to vote in a confirming referendum on electoral reform, if the majority vote in this fall’s referendum to change B.C.’s voting system.

2018 Spring sitting of the Legislature

Safeguarding freedom of expression

The Protection of Public Participation Act will address the issue of strategic lawsuits against public participation (known as SLAPP) that prevent or limit freedom of expression on matters of public interest.

Putting targets in place for a cleaner, low-carbon economy

The Climate Change Accountability Act will replace the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act and sets new legislated targets of a 40% reduction in carbon emissions from 2007 levels by 2030, and a 60% reduction from 2007 levels by 2040.

Protecting park land for British Columbians

Proposed amendments to the Protected Areas of British Columbia Act include the renaming of three provincial parks as part of reconciliation efforts with Indigenous peoples.

Helping TransLink address congestion in Vancouver

The South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Amendment Act will better position TransLink to implement improvements to roads and cycling, as well as pedestrian and public-transit infrastructure.

Removing drug-affected drivers from the road

B.C. will increase training for law enforcement, and will toughen provincial regulations to give police more tools to remove drug-affected drivers from the road and deter drug-affected driving.

Regulation of legalized cannabis in B.C.

The proposed Cannabis Control and Licensing Act is guided by the Province’s priorities of protecting children and youth, promoting health and safety, keeping the criminal element out of cannabis, keeping B.C. roads safe, and supporting economic development.

Preparing for the legalization of non-medical cannabis

The proposed Cannabis Distribution Act (CDA) will establish the Province’s exclusive jurisdiction over wholesale distribution of cannabis, and provide authority for public retail sales.

Prohibiting payment for blood and plasma collection

The Voluntary Blood Donations Act will help preserve the integrity of Canada’s public blood and plasma collection system by preventing payment for blood and plasma collection in B.C.

Getting counterfeit pills off the street

The Pill Press and Related Equipment Control Act will restrict ownership, possession and use of equipment that can be used to make illicit drugs.

Improving Indigenous child-welfare

Proposed changes to the Child, Family and Community Service Act will increase involvement of Indigenous communities in child-welfare decisions to help keep their children out of care, safe in their home communities and connected to their cultures.

Requiring communities to assess their housing needs

This information collected by way of the Local Government Statutes Amendment Act will assist with community planning and help the provincial government target resources where they are needed most.

Ensuring fair supply of rental housing

The Local Government Statutes Amendment Act offers a powerful tool for local governments to help ensure a healthy rental supply for people in their communities.

Cracking down on tax evasion in B.C. real estate

Amendments to the Real Estate Development Marketing Act require real estate developers to collect and report information on pre-sale condo assignments to ensure people are paying the appropriate taxes when these contracts are assigned.

Stronger protections for tenants facing evictions

The Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act improves security for owners of manufactured homes and people who live in rental housing.

Ensuring fair access to public health care in B.C.

Clear rules around extra billing for medical services have been established with the full implementation of the Medicare Protection Amendment Act.

Protecting workers. Supporting Families.

Workers in B.C. will soon have more flexible maternity and parental leaves, better supports for when their children die or go missing, and the ability to take more time off to support terminally ill family members thanks to amendments to the Employment Standards Act.

Supporting the mental health needs of first responders

First responders, sheriffs and correctional officers put themselves on the line to protect the public and help people in need. We are changing the law to support them when they experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental illnesses as a result of facing trauma in the work they do.

Protecting the people we love in care facilities

People need to know that their loved ones are safe when they leave them in the care of other people. Improvements to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act will give people more information about the health and safety record of community-care facilities, including child-care and residential-care facilities.

Protecting and restoring B.C.'s water and land

The Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Statutes Amendment Act will improve the restoration of orphaned well sites in B.C. and limit the potential of orphan sites going forward.

Getting children and families the support they need

Proposed amendments to the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) will ensure families and children who are entitled to child support and spousal support receive payments.

Enforcing penalties against those who wrong investors

Amendments to the Securities Act will give the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA) the ability to enforce penalties as court orders against investment dealers who wrong investors.

Respecting public servants’ workplace rights

Amendments to the Public Service Act will provide oversight to ensure the B.C. Public Service Agency’s practices for just-cause terminations are consistent with government policies and standards.

Strengthening nursing oversight and patient safety

Amendments to the Health Professions Act set the stage for the provincial nursing colleges to amalgamate, providing greater consistency for the profession and one point of contact for patients and partners.

Bringing more hearings and conferences to B.C.

By updating the International Commercial Arbitration Act (ICAA) to align with accepted international standards, B.C. will enhance its standing as an arbitration-friendly jurisdiction to domestic and international parties.